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Flyfishing products especially targeting Steelhead, Brown Trout and Salmon. Unique Egg patterns and tying materials for targeting these species. More to come!

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Egg Pattern or Sucker Spawn

Tom Barton

Single egg, egg cluster or sucker spawn??? What should I use? All these flies have their time and place and work amazingly well on egg hungry Salmonids.

The unique feature of my Knotty egg is that it does a good job of imitating all those patterns in this one fly. Yes, it is used mostly as a single egg, however, the consistency of the material and the way the fly is created makes it a very productive sucker spawn/egg cluster fly.  I have had fishermen tell me that they no longer tie sucker spawns because my Knotty Egg works just as well!

I'm not 100% sure about those statements but I do know they have produced for me just about as well in any sucker spawn situation I have encountered. And the great thing about the Knotty Egg (if you tie your own) is that you can literally tie 10 Knotty Eggs to 1 sucker spawn!! 

We all know how many eggs we go through when the action is hot so filling your fly box with a lot of eggs in a short amount of time is key. You CANNOT tie a faster, more productive egg pattern than a Knotty Egg. PERIOD!!

You can purchase packets of the Knotty Egg "Knots" to tie your own on the website!! All my colors are available!