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822 Salisbury Court
Lancaster, Pa 17601

(717) 672-4422

Flyfishing products especially targeting Steelhead, Brown Trout and Salmon. Unique Egg patterns and tying materials for targeting these species. More to come!

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Steelhead enhancements

Tom Barton

Is it possible to make the Knotty Egg even more effective? Try these easy steps when the fishing slows down. (1) Carry a few various colored permanent  markers in your vest or pack. Add a blood dot or speckles quickly to the egg. Amazing and simple. (2) Carry a small pair of sharp scissors. (Titanium scissors at Walmart cost 5 bucks). Clip down and shape your Knotty Egg into a smaller size or micro egg with incredible results. Both of these simple adjustments have enticed countless Steelies, Browns and Salmon to a Knotty Egg head shake  and caused myself and fellow fishermen to bellow the two greatest words in the English language...Fish On!!!