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Lancaster, Pa 17601

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Flyfishing products especially targeting Steelhead, Brown Trout and Salmon. Unique Egg patterns and tying materials for targeting these species. More to come!

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A Fast, Simple and Extremely Effective Egg Pattern

Tom Barton

It is getting to that time of the year when we Steelheaders (Salmon and Browns included) start thinking about filling our fly boxes with all the endless patterns to use this fall. Egg patterns, no doubt , are a big chunk of the tying. Nobody wants to spend hours tying a few flies, especially egg patterns that you will be going through one after another. (You know you need every color and quantity to throw at these fish!)

Well the Knotty Egg is the pattern you've been waiting for! You can tie literally 40-50 in one hour!! And this pattern produces one of the most realistic and effective egg patterns on the market!! It has color, behavior/movement that entices strikes(Try getting that with most any other egg pattern) and the perfect size.(Which can be made customized to perfection with a pair of scissors!). Not to mention the hook-up rate is off the charts since there is no impediment to the hook gap from bulky egg yarn materials!!

Check out the web page for the "Tie Your Own Knots" and get all your eggs tied in one or two evenings!! Good Luck and Let's Get Knotty!!! Tom Barton